Some Easy To Learn French Words To Get You Started

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some Easy To Learn French Words To Get You Started

The French langauge is fairly easy to learn, almost as easy as Spanish. Learning any langauge just takes a commitment and regular practice. Daily practice is the best, even just 20 to 30 minutes can have you speaking many of the basic phrases in just a few weeks.

Start with these easy to learn French Words:
yes and No. Yes is oui in French. sounds like "wee".
And no is non, sounds like "no" but with some nasal tone to it. Try them now. Wee and no. Oui and non.

Another set of easy to learn French words would be hello and good bye. In French Salut and Au revoir. Also easy are thank you very much in French is merci beaucoup, sounds like "mercy becoo" the p is silent.

I've tried several of the top Learn French programs and found Pimsleur French to be among the best. Click here to read my review of Pimsleur French.


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